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does anyone know what could be wrong with my Boa?

Hello everyone…

I don’t know but it seems there’s something wrong with my boa-constrictor. A while ago I noticed a slight change at first I didn’t understand, but then it struck me, he looked like he was shrinking. He became very pale, and hadn’t shed in a while. His eyes were clear though. But I noticed some parts of his body appear to have some extra skin and when I touch him I feel his skin overall (except at the bottom where his belly is, scales of which feel and look normal) feels really… kinda hard, rough, flaky, sort of like… sandpaper. When I let him crawl through my fingers it no longer feels elastic and smooth like it would’ve normally been… and he’s sitting on his log or branches and I see some parts of his skin are literally crumpled and wrinkled (especially in the places where he’s folding his body)
SO anyways, he’s been living in a nice terrarium, he has the proper temperature a good amount of water where he can always soak in… and he does occasionally. He ate a week ago. He’s very active if you touch him or pick him up he’ll be exploring all over and even if you put him back he ll be hanging around for a long while before climbing up to the branch and sitting there. He seems really active. NOW that I said his eyes were clear, today I discovered they were foggy and gray. Plus he’s been really pale. He looks like he’s about to shed but not really. Something IS wrong!
I cant find a vet that would specialize in reptiles in my area that I can take my boa to. The few clinics that we got around here do only mammals. I am on it, but before I find one maybe you guys could enlighten me on what’s going on.
I’ve attached a HD photos I took (many of them for a better perspective and I tried to get them as detailed as I could) I appreciate an opinion.

SORRY IF THIS IT TOO MANY PICS, i made the small preview u can CLICK on each one to see it in a bigger size.
i hope it didn't bother anyone...

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