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Wolf Hybrids

Or I guess they say that the term 'hybrid' is out for these animals now, huh?

Anyway, I have one. I don't really feel strongly one way or the other on the debate over whether or not this is 'right', ethical, or even a good idea. I didn't really seek mine out, he was kind of ditched on me by a less responsible owner (and boy, I'm not complaining. This dog is my life.)
Anyway, with that disclaimer said...

I'm just wondering about the trainability of hybrids. Are there any other hybrid owners in this community? I haven't stumbled across an active hybrid forum yet, so I figured I would just ask here.

I've been really curious about this since I adopted mine.

To get to the point, he's the best dog I've ever had. He's been the easiest to train, the most obedient and has offered the best companionship. We were told that he was 3/4 wolf and 1/4 malamute (and yes, I understand that the genetics are generally more complicated than this) which I believe because he looks extremely wolf-like and all the animals lurking about the place were he was bred looked just like wolves (according to the less responsible owner who originally bought him)
However, everything I have read about wolves as pets and about malamutes has been completely contrary to my dog's behavior. I've read that they're stubborn, obedient only when they feel like it, you can't teach them to come and they're horrible around any flighty animals which they may be inclined to eat. In contrast to mine who comes at his first call, will sit and stay no matter what is happening, and he can even be trusted around our chickens (he did chase and get one in his mouth when he escaped once when he was younger. But after two strong 'Drop it!'s he released it and the terrified animal survived. No problems since.)

I just wanted to ask some other hybrid owners how obedient their animals are and how difficult it was to train them. I would almost like to seek out another hybrid for my next adoption, but I think I lucked out with this one and I'm not sure I want to support the whole 'hybrids as pets' thing in general. I could probably settle with a nice German Shepherd mix or something.
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